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Updated: Jul 7, 2020

This year I decided that my business new years resolution was to completely re-brand my shop!

For 6 years I made fashion jewellery & was getting consistant sales. Why change? you ask. I felt that making fashion jewellery limited the techniques & materials that I could use. I would spend hours upon hours scouring the internet for a certain charm or styled clasp to not find anything close to what I wanted. Don't get me wrong I absolutley loved making fashion jewellery & enjoyed exploring beading, polymer clay & resin work, it just wasn't for me anymore.

I'd heard about silver clay for sometime & I completed some online courses to learn more about it. I loved the idea that i could take a lump of clay & turn it into jewellery. It gave me so much creative freedom but the price of it put me off, what if my skills weren't good enough?

In January I decided that there was no point in waiting & that the best way to learn was to get stuck in. I bought my first pack of clay, alongside the most basic tools I would need to work with it & made some blank discs. I then went on to make a new summer collection using silver clay & sterling silver. The new jewellery needed a new shop though so I also began updating my Etsy shop!

Since it was a long time ago that I set up my Etsy shop I forgot how much work went into setting it up, I basically had to start from scratch. I worked hard each day to do something towards the re-brand & had plenty of extra time due to lock down. I'm happy with how my jewellery & Etsy shop looks. There will always be things to improve on (I'am not a photographer but I try!) but that's part of the fun of running your own business.

Check it out

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