How I'm making my business sustainable

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Being ethical & sustainable can mean so many different things to different people, so I thought I would talk about what they mean to me & how I incorporate it into my business.

For me buying ethically sourced materials has always been important. There was a time when I believed that I had to have every material bought ethically straight away but I soon realised that I couldn't afford it. So I changed my approach & would then source and buy ethical/sustainable items when I ran out of something. This approach has made it much easier as I have time to search for high quality materials and really look into why its ethical.

💜 I buy most of my supplies from UK sellers (mostly small businesses) to help limit the fuel it takes to get the supplies from the supplier to me. It also means it arrives quicker, often cheaper postage & I love supporting other small businesses.

💜 I use eco silver wire, as well as silver clay which is made from recycled silver. Theres something special taking a lump of clay made from silver from old photography equipment etc and making it into beautiful jewellery!

💜 Every scrap of metal is saved and either used in a later project somehow or sent to be melted down. Its amazing what you can use the tiniest pieces of metal for!!

💜 I'm sourcing ethical gemstones that can be traced back to where they were mined to ensure the mining site is ethical & sustainable both for the workers & the eco system.

💜 I use eco friendly alternatives to chemicals.

💜 Most of my packaging is made from recycled materials & all of it can be recycled

There are things I would still like to change and thats OK, its a journey and each small action adds up.

If you would like to find out about materials used in any of my designs please message me, I am more than happy to chat about it

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