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Hello, I'm Hazel a Bournemouth based handmade jeweller creating designs that combine sustainable materials with vintage inspiration to make contemporary jewellery.

I started making jewellery in 2014 when I couldn’t find jewellery to go with my alternative bridal style (think vintage & purple!) Over the years thanks to the help of Youtube & online courses I explored different materials & techniques, including beading, polymer clay & resin. But I was never happy with the amount of waste produced or using silver plated materials as once they tarnished there's no way to clean them.

In 2020 I decided to rebrand to align my jewellery with my goal of making sustainable jewellery. Thanks to the hardwork of The Jewellers Academy I learnt how to use this new material, along with some silver smithing skills.

Silver clay is an amazing material that is made from recycled silver, an organic binder & water! You literally start with a piece if clay which can be reworked at any stage, so there is no waste.

During the firing process the clay is magically turned into pure 999 silver

I love that the jewellery I make doesn't harm the earth & that it will be worn & enjoyed by someone on their journey


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Hazel's jewellery shop combines great quality ethical materials with unique designs to make contemporary jewellery that doesn't harm the earth

♲ Jewellery is made using fine 999 silver clay (which is made using reclaimed silver) & eco sterling 925 silver (please note that currently clasps & chains are not eco silver)

♲ All gemstones used are ethically sourced

♲ All supplies & tools are bought from small & local businesses

♲ No scrap of metal is wasted

♲ No nasty chemicals are ever used in my workshop

♲ Packaging has been made from recycled materials & can be recycled

♲ All designs over the legal weight (7.78g) are hallmarked, with plans to have every item hallmarked in the near future

♲ I pride myself on giving great customer service & I love making each handmade item just for you