Earth friendly gift guide

Love giving your loved ones gifts during this wonderful time of year but don't want to buy any products that have a negative impact on the environment?

Your not alone!

Loads of people are now opting to avoid mass produced products from large chain shops. But where do you start?

1: Shop from local handmade businesses who share your ethics. If your unsure about the materials or processes they use ask them, I'm sure they would be happy to explain how they are working to make minimal impact on the environment with their craft. Plus when you shop handmade you are supporting a small business owner so win win!

2: 2 words, Gift cards! A great way to ensure you get the right gift for that loved one as they choose it themselves. Remember to shop small & handmade many small businesses offer gift cards, some even offer downloadable ones.

3: Why not give the gift of an experience? A ticket to a concert, ballet or even to the cinema is a great option. For added points go to the event with your loved one, the gift of time is truly invaluable.

4: Make or up-cycle something. This is a great gift for using what you have around your home & recycling broken/unwanted items. Its a great way to give something really personal along with helping the environment.

5: You know that beautiful bottle of perfume your best friend gave you last Christmas that just sits unopened in the bathroom cabinet? Re gift it! Yep I said it. I know re-gifting can be seen as cheap, unthoughtful & lazy but actually its smart, ethical & respectful. Unwanted gifts are doing you no good by just holding on to them just because they were a gift, they will just end up at the charity shop or in the bin in the future! Plus your loved one would rather the gift they gave you was used & enjoyed.

Don't forget to just explore & have fun with your Christmas gift giving xx

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