Ethical gift guide

Buying ethically doesn't mean you can't buy those gifts for loved ones, it just makes you look at where you buy them from & what they are made from. I have been conscious of what I buy for sometime but this year I have pushed myself to become even more aware.

Ethical gift buying tips:

💚 Buy from small local handcrafted businesses. This will cut down on the amount of travel the item needs to do to get to you but it also helps small businesses. Look for businesses who are on their own ethical journey.

💚 Buy gifts made from recycled materials. There are many small businesses selling handcrafted gifts that are made from recycled materials, if you have questions chat to the seller.

💚 Buy up-cycled items or up-cycle items you already own.

💚 Buy secondhand.

💚 Buy something you know the person really wants, needs or can use. If you don't know, buy them a gift card/voucher so they can choose the gift.

💚 Buy gifts that will last.

💚 Wrap the gift in paper made from recycled materials & forgo the sellotape for some washi tape.

Here are some gifts I have bought this year

Seascape Original Acrylic painting made using reclaimed driftwood

I have bought two of these paintings & they are stunning!

Handmade knitted arm warmers

Beautifully made & so warm. Adele made me a pair with vegan wool & she was such a wonderful seller. Check out her shop

Check out claraandmacy on Etsy for beautiful wrapping paper made from recycled materials.

Check out my shop for ethical silver jewellery made from silver clay & eco friendly silver. Unsure what to choose? I also offer gift cards.

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