Goodbye & thank you 2020

Each year I set myself some goals for my business & this year is no different. I find that reviewing the previous year shows me what I did & it helps me to make goals for the new year.

Yes last year didn't go as planned but I certainly used the extra time (when I wasn't binge watching netflix or reading!) I totally rebranded my shop from offering fashion jewellery to ethical silver jewellery using silver clay. I couldn't be happier with the end result & I love how my business has evolved to be more sustainable. I learnt so much from online learning & I finally nailed soldering by myself (I first learnt at a jewellery making workshop & it's much easier when you have someone skilled telling what to do & when) I am now able to offer stud earrings, which is very exciting!

I also learnt how much joy & focus my jewellery making gives me. Even when things were too much, being at my bench gave me a place to escape & forget for a bit. I also had loads of time to play with new techniques & tools which has helped me develop.

This year i'm very excited to continue learning new skills as well as working on my existing skills, there is always something you can build on & something new to learn. I'm also working hard behind the scenes to set up shop on my own website!!!! Something that I have wanted ever since I started making jewellery, over 6 years ago!

But right now i'm easing myself into the year by keeping myself busy working on some new collections & reading a great book about silver clay.

My valentine collection is out now, check it out at

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