Project 333 - Capsule wardrobe

Early this year I challenged myself to take part in Project 333, which meant I would only use 33 items of clothing, shoes & accessories for 3 months!!

Whilst I was excited to explore new outfit combinations it would uncover it was also daunting. How could I possibly have enough clothes to last 3 months? Would I get bored of what I'd chosen? What amount of each item would I need?

Well here I'am with my 2nd capsule wardrobe change for Autumn & Winter!!

Let me back up & tell you why I decided to take part with project 333 in the first place.

I have been aware of some disagreeable clothing production rumours (turns out they weren't just rumours & far worse than I could ever imagine is going on!) for some time but I never knew enough (or had the time to properly educate myself) to stop buying fast fashion or use a capsule wardrobe approach.

It wasn't until the first lockdown that I really delved deep into the subject, reading book after book & educating myself. After I knew I would never shop the same again.

I didn't want to support a company that would sell 'affordable clothing' knowing why it was so affordable. The impact it has on people & the environment couldn't be ignored!!

Whilst I have always shopped in charity shops, at vintage fairs & bought second hand clothing online, as I wasn't a fan of trawling around the large chain shops with their ever changing trends. I enjoyed hunting down vintage & unique pieces that fit with my style (think gothic mixed with 50's vintage). But even this was an unsustainable way for me to shop, as I would often buy pieces that didn't fit properly with plans of altering them, along with items that never got worn!!

Something had to change

For me doing project 333 has made me realise how few of the items in my wardrobe I actually use (I'm a creature of habit with what I wear) & it has made me explore different outfits that I never would have before!

To find out more info on project 333 you can find them on Instagram or give Project 333 by Courtney Carver a read

Autumn & Winter 2021:

1- Black Winter coat

2- Faux leather Jacket

3- Faux fur jacket

4- Hat

5- Pashmina scarf

6- Cross body bag

7- Handbag

8- Disney Clutch bag

9- Purple & green arm warmers

10- Faux fur boot cuffs

11- Faux suede ankle boots

12- Faux leather ankle boots

13- Faux leather over knee boots

14- Black heels

15- My little pony heels

16- Black skinny jeans

17- Blue skinny jeans

18- Black pencil skirt

19- Black dungarees dress

20- Black faux leather skirt

21- Faux fur waistcoat

22- Snowflake jumper

23- Peacock jumper

24- Black jumper

25- Black velvet crop hooded top

26- Red velvet crop top

27- Purple rose top

28- Black velvet body suit

29- Blue velvet top (

30- Purple ¾ sleeve top

31- Black ¾ sleeve top

32- Black halterneck jumpsuit

33- Tights

I choose to not include jewellery in my 33 items (as a handmade jeweller I love jewellery & each piece I own is either made by myself or another handmade jeweller & I always choose/buy jewellery carefully as it has such an emotional pull for me).

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